Tuesday, 14 May 2013

News: Spirit of Hordak (update)

Whether it was always planned this way, or a result of the complaints from subscribers, Mattel have announced that a limited number of Spirit of Hordaks will go on sale in today's Early Access (for Club Eternia subscribers only) on MattyCollector.com, with the purchase amount reduced to 4. If this is anything like the Strobo Early Access sale then expect them to go fast.


So Spirit of Hordak went on sale. And, this being MattyCollector, the sale was obviously a disaster. It was supposed to go on sale at 4pm BST. It didn't. So a lot of people assumed that the time was wrong and it in fact went on sale at 5pm, so went away and came back later. And discovered it was sold out.

Spirit of Hordak actually went on sale at 4:14pm (or thereabouts) and whatever allotment Mattel had decided to sell today sold out within 4 minutes.

Cue lots more angry people.

Luckily (for me, anyway) I stayed refreshing the site and was one able to grab one before it sold out. I guess I'm doubly lucky as I managed to get Strobo the other week too.

This is disaster after disaster for Mattel, something they could really do without at the moment. The line barely continued into 2013 and if they don't buck their ideas up in the next couple of months then they're going to shed a lot of collectors before the 2014 subscription sign-up at SDCC.

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