Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Review: MOTUC Ram Man

There has been one figure, far beyond all others, that has been awaited with baited breath from Masters of the Universe Classics fans. A well-known, popular and high profile figure. One of the core initial releases in the original 80s line, but who was placed on the back-burner for Classics due to his '100% unique sculpt'.

It is, of course, Ram Man.

Finally he's here, as a $30 'oversized' figure to allow for his slight increase in bulk over the other regular figures in the line. He comes on a larger blister card, one that is really too big for him and there is a lot of empty space in the package.

Once freed from his plastic prison he is an impressively large figure. He comes with his trademark axe (which annoying is very difficult to get into his hand) and an alternate unhelmeted head, as he was often seen in the 200x cartoon. It's not a head that I (or probably anyone else) will use, and certainly not something that would encourage purchase of a second Ram Man so you could display both. But still, second heads are always nice.

While I say Ram Man is big, once you compare him to others in the MOTUC line, you discover that he isn't that much larger than the others. His height is identical to everyone else, he's just more bulked-up.

For the first time ever as an action figure - and due to the line having no action features - Ram Man has proper poseable legs. While a lot of collectors will welcome this, as soon as my 6yo picked him up he asked 'where are his springy legs?'. You can't please everyone.

Articulation is exactly the same as all of the other MOTUC figures, with Ram Man's bulk - by and large - not hindering it in any way. I will say that it'd have been nice if there had been more extensive ab-crunch movement so I could get some better 'ramming' poses. As it is, the range of motion is so small as to be pointless. I'd also have welcomed a foot/toe joint, again for ramming purposes, but it's absence is not unexpected since it hasn't been on any other figure in the line.

There have been a number of disappointments in the line since it began. Thankfully, considering the long wait, Ram Man isn't one of them. As a key figure in the Masters lineup he was always going to be popular and a definite required purchase for any He-Fan.

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