Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Collection: Daleks - Invasion Earth: 2013

My 6yo watched the Doctor Who Christmas special on Boxing Day morning (thanks to iPlayer). Boxing night he had nightmares about snowmen and ice women.

It was a little surprising then that yesterday, after finding Daddy's Mummy figure, that he demanded to watch Pyramids of Mars. He survived the experience, although his 4yo brother insisted that the figure was removed from their bedroom before he went to sleep that night.

Before he dozed off, 6yo made me promise that while he was at school the next day I'd get out all my Doctor Who figures for him to play with. So I did.

Character (/Underground Toys) have been producing Dalek figures since Doctor Who arrived back on our screens with Christopher Ecclescake in 2005. Quite a few have been made in the 8(ish) years since. Mine have been scattered around the house in boxes, on shelves, and various other places. Not once have all of them ever been in the same place.

Until now. Welcome to the asylum...

You know, I'm sure I had more. I wonder if there's another box of them somewhere.

None of these are duplicates, and there are definitely others out there that I don't have (I drew the line at buying the WWII Dalek with light covers). It's easy to spot which have spent time on shelves as they're caked in dust. Some, you'll notice, are missing their eye stalks. They're currently at the bottom of this lot - 

The Doctor cleans up...

And with the Daleks sorted, I think it's time I took a photo of all the Cybermen. But that's for another day.

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