Saturday, 3 November 2012

Construction: The Batcave

My sons birthdays are a week apart, so to make my life easier they're going to be stuck with joint birthday parties until such time as they decide Dad doesn't have to arrange them anymore. Their 4th and 6th birthdays are in the next week or so, and thus next weekend is their party.

Not long ago I was at Destination Star Trek London and one of the things I, and numerous other people, ranted about was the complete lack of decoration for the evening parties. While next week's birthday party isn't on anywhere near a scale, nor in such a large hall as the Klingon and TNG parties of Trek London, I'm going to make damn sure that the venue is properly decorated to give the place a bit of atmosphere and reflect the chosen theme. In this case, it's superheroes.

There'll be a giant cobweb with the inflatable Spider-Man I bought many, many years ago (and annoyed my housemate by sticking to the ceiling of the living room) climbing up it. Since that won't be constructed until the day, I can't provide you with photos ahead of time, however, I can show you this -


For once remembering that I'll have to transport the thing to the venue, the Batcave folds in half to form an exact replica of the Christmas decoration box I lugged home from Homebase yesterday. It's not perfect, but what can you do when you're in a hurry and running out of paint? Besides it's only going to be on display for 2 hours.

Since a giant box is due to arrive at our house sometime this week with our third (and final) Toyology stuff, I'm beginning to wonder if I should quickly construct a Stark Tower. Might need another trip out for more paint tester pots though.

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