Friday, 14 September 2012

Toyologist Review: Thermo Attack Batman

The Power Attack 6" scale line of figures features cartoon-like toys aimed at younger fans. It's been very well designed so that while it isn't as heavily detailed as a figure aimed at an older child (/adult collector) & features simple articulation, it doesn't look like a 'baby' version. I'm (almost) certain there's no associated cartoon to go along with this specific line, however Batman is a constant in the public consciousness, so children are likely to know all about him without the need for a 30 minute advert.

I have no idea what the 'thermo attack' in Thermo Attack Batman alludes to, specifically, and the packaging doesn't help in this regard. Basically it's Batman dressed in blue armour with a bright orange trim. I guess children are going to choose this one over another Batman variant based on colour preference.

He's not articulation-heavy, but covers more than the basic, with swivel joints at the hips, waist, shoulders, elbows and ball-joint head - more than enough to pose the figure as you'd like. His feet are pretty huge so he'll stand up with no problems on almost all surfaces.

The major drawback to Thermo Attack Batman is his inability to drive the Batmobile - at least with the roof down - due to his overly large armour. Since Thermo is the only Batman we have, the children found this extremely annoying.

But as long as you have 'normal' Batman (or don't have the Batmobile!) Thermo is a nice figure to have when Batman has to go on special temperature-related missions.

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