Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Site News: All Full Up

While attempting to post my latest review the Powers That Be revealed that I'm now out of picture space. Which is a bit annoying, to say the least. This leaves me with two options, neither of them good - 1. Pay out each month for extra storage space. The easiest solution to implement, however since I don't make a penny from the running of this blog it's not an option I particularly care for. 2. Delete photos. Not something I want to do, and it's going to be far from a fun job to do, but something I'm don't have a lot of choice about. I'll attempt to keep the essentials & weed out the others. This is an upside to this clear out - it gives me a reason to go through all the existing reviews & give them a refresh or tweak if necessary. In future I'm going to have to watch the size of new photos I upload otherwise I'm very quickly going to run out of space again. That is unless someone else wants to start paying for the storage space. Anyone? No? Oh well, it was worth asking.

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