Thursday, 5 April 2012

Review: MOTUC Kobra Khan

Kobra Khan has always been one of my favourite He-Man figures, for one simple reason: his water-squirting feature. Regular readers will know that generally action features ruin an otherwise great figure, but Kobra Khan is an exception because a) his feature didn't get in the way of his articulation and b) it was a really handy feature. I kept him handy even when I'd moved on from He-Man figures to other things because he was so damn useful when it was hot. The spray came from his mouth as a fine mist which was perfect for shooting your face with and keeping you cool.

The updated version from the 2000-and something Masters of the Universe series retained the squirting, but it was now more of a squirt. Great for annoying people with, less great for shooting yourself with. He did come with an articulated jaw, however, which I really liked.

All the best toys have removeable helmets or articulated jaws.

The latest version of Kobra Khan doesn't squirt water, for the Classics line (on the whole) is devoid of such things. I was sad, briefly, but got over it. Khan does, however, come with an interchangeable head (almost as cool as a removeable helmet) which allows him to be displayed with either his cowl up, in ready-to-squirt mode, or down, in not-going-to-squirt mode. I can't actually make my mind up which look I prefer and will become the semi-permanent-the-other-going-in-the-bits-box-so-I-don't-lose-it one.

Since officially he is a 'collector' figure, I'd better comment on the paint job: it's good. I think I'd go so far as to say it's perfect.

Since he is a MOTUC figure, I'd better comment on his shoulders: they're the right way round.

What isn't so great is the lack of movement at the elbows. Simply put, there's almost none. If you really force it you can get the range of motion of the other figures in the line, but it's not a manoeuvre I'll be repeating in fear of breaking it. In addition his ankles are a bit on the loose side, which is odd considering he has the new-style joints.

In addition to the alternate head, Khan comes with a blaster and his little mate from the 200x series, who has been semi-not-officially named Pixel. For the original figure, Khan's blaster was identical to Zodac's. This one is similar, but a brand new sculpt which is a nice touch. Pixel is again a nice touch, but doesn't 'grip' as well onto Khan's shoulder as I'd have liked. He just rests on top, meaning a slight knock will send him tumbling. I'd have preferred it if his tail twisted round Khan's neck so he sat more securely.

Overall, Kobra Khan is a great addition to the line. It's a shame then, that you're not able to buy him any more. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(well, not unless you go to ebay or wait until MattyCollector sell off their reserve stock)

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