Monday, 12 March 2012

Review: Transformers Over-Run

Let's get this out of the way straight away: this robot is Runabout. Usually when there's a Transformers name change it's because it isn't an official product and the company behind it fear the Wrath of Hasbro suing them for all their worth. This toy is fully endorsed by Hasbro and the only reason he's not called Runabout is because at the last moment they couldn't get the trademark for that name so had to do a quick change on the packaging. So henceforth in this review, he'll be referred to as he should be: Runabout.

Runabout was (and is) one of a pair of 'battlechargers' back in the 80s. I didn't have either of them then and, for once, I don't have either of them now. I don't really know why then, when it was announced that Runabout and Runamuck were to be the Transformers Collectors Club (TCC) exclusive toys for this year, that I was so excited. Somehow they've managed to get into my head - and many other peoples' - as Cool Characters. There had been a lot of grumblings on the internet about the TCC and a lot of existing members were claiming they wouldn't join up for this year, but I wonder how many changed their minds when this pair were announced.

I know it made me join up.

Runamuck is the 'free' figure for joining the club and won't ship for a few months yet. His partner is an extra exclusive, only available to buy to members. Both are based on the pretty much universally loved Classics/Henkei/RevealtheShield/Universe/Whateverthelinewascalledatthetime Wheeljack mould, which itself is a slight modification of Tracks, which have been previously released in 'regular' shops (and shown in the pictures below). Usually TCC exclusives are simple repaints, but this time they've taken the extra step and invested in a new head sculpt. And I'm extremely glad they did. It looks fantastic!

The Wheeljack mould suits Runabout down to the ground. True, Runabout never had wings in the past, but if you don't like them it's easy enough to fold them down out of the way. There's probably better ways of making him more 'G1-like', but I've settled for this for the moment.

I find it difficult to find anything at all wrong with this figure - it really is that good. If you've seen Wheeljack then you'll know exactly what to expect robot and vehicle-wise so you'll know what to expect. If you haven't seen(/own) Wheeljack then you probably won't be interested in this toy anyway, so there's little point describing it.


In addition to a fab toy, what came as a complete surprise was the box. Actually, to call it simply a 'box' doesn't do it justice. It isn't just a box, it's a box.

It's made of thick, high quality cardboard. The artwork is great, the only slight let-down is that they had to use  the name 'Over-run' on it. Inside, there's a thick (very thick) piece of foam holding Runabout safely and securely in place. There is absolutely no way any damage could be inflicted on him once inside this padded cell.

But there's more...

Remember his buddy Runamuck? There's a section of foam that can be removed to allow Runamuck to be placed in the box alongside Runabout. This was a genius idea. Of course my toys will likely never return to their box, but for those people who want to store them together this is a very nice touch indeed.

Runabout with Drift, another of the club exclusives for this year.

What with overloading servers, credit card hacking, and ransom notes from Parcel Force for customs charges, it was a nightmare - to say the least - to get hold of Runabout, but he was definitely worth it. He's currently at the top of my favourite toy list. While the now infamous credit card problems were a definite annoyance, if TCC continue producing exclusives of fan-favourite characters in quality like this then I'll definitely be signing up again next year.

Though considering the expense, it's probably not a good idea to let any children play around with it...

Oh well, it's a toy. And toys are definitely meant to be played with.

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