Friday, 16 December 2011

Toyologist Review: B.I.G. Power Hand

BIG Hand Kombat

It is, as the name implies, a BIG hand. If you ever wanted to increase the size of your right hand, then this is just what you were looking for. Maybe you were sat watching He-Man, caught a sight of Fisto and thought 'that's him! I want to be just like him!' Maybe it was Jitsu, he had a big hand too.

If, however, you're half-way sane and never considered having a BIG hand before, then is this for you? If you're reading this, then probably not. The likelihood is you're not aged 6-8 and so this won't fit on your existing hand. But if you know any 6-8 year olds, then they might.

For a short while anyway.

As my wife found out after starring in the video, after a few minutes wearing this your fingers begin to hurt. It takes a lot of effort to move the springs in the fingers to get them to move. In that regard this might be a good training device for climbers. I lived with a climber for a while, and he was always going on about building up finger-strength.

I wouldn't, however, recommend going climbing while wearing a BIG hand.

My 5 yo desperately wanted to play with this (and refused to let any larger kids have it for testing purposes), but his hands simply weren't big enough to operate it. Almost, but not quite. So while I say 6-8 year old hands should fit perfectly, it'd be nice if the packaging were designed so that a child could fit their hand inside the glove while still in the box to ensure their hand did in fact fit.

While the fingers work well, the thumb isn't perfect and you can't,
for example, pick up something small like a crayon.
This isn't being released in Toys R Us until next year, so there's no definite sale price for it there yet. The suspicion is that it'll be about £29.99, which is a bit pricey for something that is really just a novelty item. Sure, it'll come out from time to time to show to a visiting friend, or relative for example. Maybe to act out a fight against a 4-armed monster. But I can't see it being a long-lived toy.

Saying that, it does work, so I don't feel I can knock too many marks off it. It doesn't claim to be anything more than it says: it's a BIG hand. If that's what your children want, if a BIG hand is what fertilises their imagination, then this is a really good BIG hand to get.

And with that said, it's GAME OVER for Toyology!

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