Monday, 29 August 2011

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Robo Gangster Lab

£29.99 from Toys R Us

A couple of extra points:
  • I hold my hand up and admit it: I lost a test tube. Before the children even got their hands on the set, I'd had a sneaky box-opening, during which I'd lost a piece. In my defence, they're so small! I know Lego is small but at least all those pieces stick securely together. Not here. Without doubt, pieces from this set are going to get lost.
  • My two year old doesn't like the man. Something to do with the white hair, apparently. I'm sure it makes sense to him. But the robots, ah, they love the robots. Once charged from the torch, the chest on the robot lights up for a couple of minutes before going off again.
  • Cleverly, the torch doesn't require any batteries (woo hoo!) and can be recharged by simply squeezing a trigger on the side. There's a slidey switch to convert from a regular light to UV (for the stickers).
  • Set doesn't include the car (/ambulance - it was the closest I could get to a car) seen in the video, but it does show that modern Playmobil is 100% compatible with the slightly broken stuff from 25(ish) years ago that hangs around in your in-laws loft.

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